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"Each element feels like it is part of a cohesive whole."


Nature is a system of parts and wholes, parts forming wholes, and those wholes becoming a part in another system.
In a cohesive space, we understand that all parts of a manmade environment fit together as a system that we are part of, in a way that feels natural and real.


Interdependence is achieved when no item stands alone, each supports and is strengthened by the other (1).

Nature functions as an ecosystem in deep synchronicity with every other part of the ecosystem, no one thing stands alone, each affects the other (1).  


Integration implies a connection to our environment that is multi-faceted (2).  As humans, we are constantly analyzing the spaces we exist in, whether natural or man-made.    In this way, each element makes sense for the overall purpose of the space and there is a connection in the way that rooms, furniture, plants and spaces imply a connection to the people who use them. 


With interdependence, each biophilic strategy applied is developed in conjunction with the other strategies applied, so they feel as though they cannot be separated.  A furniture detail is part of the whole of the room, a room functions as a part in the whole of a building, a building as a part of the whole of a block, and so on. 

All Photo Credits: Nicole Craanen

Photo Credit: Nicole Craanen

Break Down 1

Photo Credit: Nicole Craanen

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